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Dave Logozzo
Executive Director
Engineering and Manufacturing Operations and Lean Enterprise
Delphi World Headquarters

Lean Leadership: Progressing Along the Journey

Dave has 33 years experience with General Motors and Delphi. He began his career with New Departure-Hyatt Bearings where he held numerous manufacturing and engineering assignments. He later became the synchronous manufacturing leader and quality director for the New Departure-Hyatt Bearings Division.

During an eight-year period, Dave was the production manager and chief engineer for the AC Rochester Division, the international operations manager for Delphi Energy Division and the business line leader of Delphi’s Exhaust Business. His P&L responsibilities in these positions included implementing Lean and flexible manufacturing modules in locations around the world. He is a strong proponent of mapping flow to achieve material and information improvements in the entire value stream.

Dave received his mechanical engineering degree from General Motors Institute (now Kettering University) and his MBA from Dartmouth College. He is a member of the Shingo Prize Board of Governors, and he is Delphi’s liaison to the Lean Enterprise Institute. He also serves as a guest lecturer for various universities and professional organizations.

Dave will discuss Delphi’s Lean journey. The company’s top management has been focused on Lean for several years. They are consciously extending their efforts to include product development practices and increased performance in the administrative and support value streams. Dave will share how they are discovering more opportunities every day. He will outline the key ingredients of a successful Lean enterprise journey and highlight some elements any company’s management should consider before undertaking Lean, including why you need to believe in the system, understand the principles and their impact on results, and provide good leadership.
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