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21st Annual Human Resources Seminar
March 31- April 1, 2004


keynote Speakers

Steven Milovich
Senior Vice President Corporate Human Resources, The Walt Disney Company

"The Business Case for Executive Development"

An accomplished global human resources and business executive, Steve Milovich has a proven track record of improving business results in diverse companies, industries and business environments; from start ups and a turnaround, to global blue chip growth. His industry experience includes entertainment, E-commerce, manufacturing, consumer products and retailing. Mr. Milovich's company experience includes The Walt Disney Company, PepsiCo, Walker Digital, AlliedSignal/Honeywell International and Federated Department Stores. He currently serves as senior vice president, corporate human resources for The Walt Disney Company.

Presentation Summary: Presentation description: Is there a relationship between profitable growth and the development of executives? In this presentation Steve Milovich Senior Vice President, The Walt Disney Company discusses the business case and rationale for developing executives. He will also provide a summary of how investing in the right type of development improves business results and executive performance.

Stacy Shartin
Partner, Seyfarth Shaw LLP

The Growing Complexity of Legal Compliance

Mr. Shartin has been a partner in the Los Angeles office of Seyfarth Shaw since 1979. Throughout that time, he has advised employers in virtually every aspect of labor and employment law. He has represented employers in collective bargaining negotiations, arbitrations, union elections and all manner of proceedings before the National Labor Relations Board. Mr. Shartin has also represented clients in administrative and court proceedings involving wrongful termination claims and claims of employment discrimination arising under state and federal statutes, such as the 1964 and 1991 Civil Rights Acts, and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act. Mr. Shartin’s clients have included employers in a variety of industries, including healthcare, media, agriculture, hospitality, warehousing, manufacturing, retail, and trucking.

Presentation Summary: Employers must comply with a multitude of employment laws, such as the anti-discrimination laws (contained in Title VII, the ADEA, and the ADA), wage and hour laws (contained in the FLSA), and employee benefits laws (contained in ERISA). Compliance with these laws is vital, for even with an aggressive compliance strategy, companies can still be caught in the avalanche of employment class actions. These types of suits are costly to employers in several respects for they can drain financial resources, damage public relations and even cause stock prices to drop. One area of law that will see a great deal of litigation is the FLSA, because after 50 years, the DOL recently revised who qualifies for overtime compensation. Other issues that businesses should focus on today include hiring and security concerns amid the immigration laws passed after September 11, the always challenging question of navigating leave requests in compliance with the FMLA, ADA and workers’ compensation statutes, and the recent trend towards implementing “corporate social responsibility” plans. This program will provide HR personnel with tools for complying with a number of different employment laws, including the new FLSA regulations.

George Myers
MOB, Employee Relations Manager, Vice President, at Zions First National Bank

So What’s This Culture “Stuff” Anyway & Can it Really Make a Difference to the Bottom Line?

George Myers, MOB, Employee Relations Manager, Vice President, at Zions First National Bank. In that capacity and others, he has worked with individuals at all levels of organizations of various size to research, design, and implement effective management and human resources practices and policies. George's bachelor degree in Spanish Translation from Brigham Young University has enabled him to facilitate necessary conversations, both written and verbal, between groups and individuals who may be struggling to understand each other due to cultural or other differences. With the training and knowledge acquired with his Master of Organizational Behavior degree from the same university, George can blend strategic, organizational development and human resource elements into his consulting and professional responsibilities.

Presentation Summary:
How do you change the culture of an organization?
Can all this “soft fluffy stuff” really make a difference to the bottom line?
Delight your customers, and keep them coming back for more!
Reduce employee turnover!
Be Here Now! It’s all about life!
Transform employee attitudes and radically improve morale!
What message does your culture send to your customers?
Everyone WINS!

Joyce Gioia
President, The Herman Group

Capitalizing on the Impending Labor Crisis

Joyce Gioia, CMC. Strategic Business Futurist and Certified Management Consultant Gioia (joy-yah) has helped hundreds of clients create a more stable workforce, including companies like American Honda, MetLife, University HealthSystem Consortium, Procter & Gamble, and AT&T. Using her guidance, one of her clients reduced their turnover from over 300% to under 25% in less than 5 months! Featured regularly in national media like Industry Week, Inc., The Christian Science Monitor, Business Week, Entrepreneur and numerous trade journals, Gioia is also co-author of five books, including the popular business books Impending Crisis: Too Many Jobs, Too Few People and How to Become an Employer of Choice, both of which often appear on the CEO-READ Business Bestseller List.

Presentation Summary: Most executives in the US today are in big trouble and they don’t have a clue what’s about to hit them. Some of the danger signs of the impending labor crisis are:
30-40% (or more) of employees indicate that as soon as they can, they would like to leave their current jobs. They’ve checked out psychologically and are just “warming the chairs.”
In a recent study, over 70% of the employees surveyed said that the two words they would most like to tell their bosses are “I quit!” They’re “corporate cocooning.”
A large percentage of companies have at least one job opening that they are having trouble filling. Already there are some skilled labor shortages, pockets of the labor crisis we see today by geography, by industry, and (most especially) by occupation.
Many students graduate from high school without basic literacy and numeracy skills. What are you doing to address the competency deficit in your organization and in the community?
When the economy turns around, and we know it will, we will again experience the massive skilled labor shortages we had in the beginning of the decade, only this time, it will be much worse! By the year 2010, according to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, we will have a shortfall of up to 10,033,000 skilled workers. It will make the late 90s seem like a practice session. Are you ready?
There are some specific actions you can take now to insure that your company won’t become extinct. What are they? This is certainly one program that you can’t afford to miss.

Joe Coyle
Vice President Human Resources and External Affairs Raytheon Missile Systems

Continuous Learning – Mission-Critical for Business

Joe Coyle is vice president of Human Resources and External Affairs at Raytheon Missile Systems, a $3.8 billion business of the Raytheon Corporation with a workforce of more than 11,000 people.

Coyle has held this position since 1998 and is responsible for all human resources, community and government affairs functions within Missile Systems. In addition to being the world’s largest manufacturer of missile systems, Raytheon develops and provides other cutting edge technology in other mission-critical areas for U.S. military services and more than 40 of its international allies.

Presentation Summary: When you leave this session you will have concrete ways to keep your organization’s most valuable resource – its workforce – continuously engaged in keeping skills and knowledge current and relevant to the challenges you face.

Raytheon is committed to continuous improvement in all areas of its business including training and education for its workforce, and the retention and transference of knowledge gained in critical disciplines. Joe Coyle will address two key programs at Raytheon Missile Systems that ensure success in these areas: the Career Enrichment Program (CEP) and Retaining Our Corporate Knowledge (ROCK).

CEP is a cooperative effort between Raytheon Missile Systems and the union that represents some of its manufacturing workers. The guiding principle behind this program, which began more than fifteen years ago, was "listen to the people who perform the work". The program has evolved into a learning management system which allows course work to be tailored to meet the future needs of the business.

ROCK is a cognitive transfer process that enables a legacy expert and a future expert to disseminate knowledge and ensure long term retention of critical skills and information. Raytheon’s process is based on proven scientific methodology and quantitative tools that help minimize risks from an industry facing an aging workforce that will be retiring in large numbers over the next few years.

Harold R. Wing
President and CEO, Wing Enterprises, Inc.

The Individual as the Human Resource

Harold R. Wing, President and CEO of Wing Enterprises, is responsible for taking Wing Enterprises from modest beginnings in his family carport to an international, multi-million dollar manufacturing and marketing corporation. Prior to starting Wing Enterprises, Mr. Wing served in the United States Army in Germany from 1958 though 1961. Following his military service, Mr. Wing worked on the Production and Quality Control Staff of Munz Aluminum in Germany. After returning from Germany, Mr. Wing worked five years on the production control staff of Hercules, Inc. in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 1970, he joined Beneficial Life’s West Germany agency where he helped the agency receive the “Agency of the Year” award. Mr. Wing is very active in church, civic affairs, and serves on the board of directors for a number of corporations.

Presentation Summary: Hal Wing’s philosophy regarding the individual as the greatest asset in an organization is summed up in the quote displayed at the entrance of Wing Enterprises, Inc. World Headquarters. “If you concentrate on building a business and not the man, you will not achieve. But, if you concentrate on building the man, you achieve both.”

Stephen Krempl
VP, YUM University and Global Training

Customer Mania – A Cultural Revolution at YUM!

Stephen Krempl is VP of Yum University and Global Training based in Yum’s corporate headquarters in Louisville KY. Yum is the Franchisor for KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut , A 7 W and Long John Silvers. It has 34,000 restaurants operating in over a hundred countries. Stephen speaks regularly both here in the US and internationally. He has previously worked at PepsiCo and Motorola.

Stephen has written three books:-Training Across Multiple Locations, Business ER, Leadership ER

Stephen appears in the 2000 Edition of Who's Who International and is also a member of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), the National Speakers Association (NSA) and the Asian Regional Training and Development Organizations (ARTDO).

Presentation Summary: YUM! Brand has chosen to build a “YUM dynasty” through a Customer Mania focus. This presentation describes how the company decided to embark on this journey and will walk through the chronological events of implementing their Strategy, Structure, and Culture goals. The results have been very encouraging and the organization is certainly meeting shareholders, employees and customer’s expectations around the globe.

Susan Landgraf
Vice President, Training and Organization Development, Cold Stone Creamery, Inc.

Cold Stone Creamery: Blended Learning on the Stone and People as Mix-ins

Susan Landgraf is responsible for developing the training systems, programs and tools that support and enhance Cold Stone franchisees’ success. She has over 30 years of restaurant and franchise training expertise, including 19 years with the Marriott Corporation where she was responsible for designing training systems for Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlors, Hot Shoppe’s, Roy Rogers and Marriott Family Restaurants. She also served as Training Director for Swensen’s Ice Cream Restaurants, Wendy’s International and Vice President of Performance and Organizational Effectiveness for PetSmart, inc. Oh… and one more thing… her Favorite Cold Stone Creation? White Chocolate Ice Cream swirled with Raspberry Sorbet with Fudge & Chocolate Chips.

Presentation Summary: Cold Stone Creamery, Inc. is the fastest growing ice cream franchise in the world with over a thousand stores open nation-wide. They didn’t get there just by mixing its freshly-made premium ice cream with mix-ins on its sixteen degree Fahrenheit granite stone (though having an amazing product doesn’t hurt!). Cold Stone Creamery blends e-learning and classroom instruction in Ice Cream University to develop franchisees and their crews’ performance to deliver the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience. This presentation will provide you with an overview of Cold Stone Creamery’s training solutions and the role that e-learning plays in delivering it!
Concurrent Speakers

Clinton R. Gurney
Managing Director, Human Resource Department, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; SHRM Treasurer and Board Member

Moving to Strategic HR

Clint Gurney is a seasoned financial manager who four years ago moved from head of Finance to Managing Director of Human Resources at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints worldwide headquarters four years ago in Salt Lake City. He has surrounded himself with wonderful professional advisors like David Ulrich, Jack Zenger, and others, and a talented HR staff in making positive changes in HR. Two years ago, Clint was asked to serve on the national board of directors of SHRM, where he was just elected as Treasurer and appointed to be Chair of the SHRM Audit Committee.

Presentation Summary: HR is becoming a strategic business partner with management at the Church. This presentation will discuss the exciting process of how we have implemented these changes and will be a case study in change management. You will learn of the involvement and reaction of general management, HR management, HR staff, and outside consultants as we have separated transactional HR from strategic initiatives. The challenges of cultural change and getting the right people in right positions will be addressed.
Lynn Whipple
Learning & Development Specialist – Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Curtis Ravsten
Director, Deseret Industries – Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

“Getting People Done Through Work” - Navigating the pathway to building a Talent Based Organization

Presentation Summary: This interactive session focuses on practical application of concepts and tools being used to achieve new levels of success through attention to positioning people for success.

• Foundation concepts:

  o What is talent? How is it different than competencies, skills or knowledge?
o How can you assess a person’s talent?
o What difference does it make to have the “right people in the right seats? “
o What does it mean to build a talent based organization?

• Applying the concepts and tools of a talent based organization within Deseret Industries’ stores.

  o Brief overview of Deseret Industries purpose and structure
o Our research process for defining the “best performer model”
o Our tools for selecting the “best, right-fit, talent” and making the most of the workforce now in place.

Ken Carroll
Strategy Deployment Manager

Using Dashboards to Drive Organizational Performance

As Strategic Deployment Manager for AmeriBen/IEC, Ken provides the analysis and tools for executing the goals of AmeriBen/IEC in a quickly changing business environment. He aligns employees to support the strategic direction of the organization and is passionate about developing individuals to achieve their peak performance. Most recently, Ken has been focusing on managing by measuring and becoming adept at choosing the critical variables for each level within an organization. To enhance and support these measurement techniques, Ken has helped create a dashboard system called Eagle Teams. This internet-based program can elevate organizations’ performance by providing daily or weekly analysis of measurable results.

Ken received his B.S. in Management Information Systems from the University of Idaho. As an outdoor enthusiast, Ken enjoys challenging and improving business teams through outdoor adventure activities.

Presentation Summary: Tying people to performance is the key to a successful organization. Attend this discussion on how to identify the correct performance drivers and how to use a dashboard approach to communicate expectations and align your organization’s people to your goals.
Steve Ostler
Director, Employee Relations and Staffing, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Bart Smith

Director, HR Operations, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

From control to partner: Implementing the change from traditional HR to Strategic, Business partner HR

Presentation Summary: This interactive session will focus on the experiences at the Church as we strive to move from a traditional, control and administration oriented HR function to a more fully, value added, “strategic” HR function. We will examine the redesign process, various Strategic HR models, best practice reviews, customer assessment, and steps planned and underway to accomplish the change. We will also discuss movement to HR shared services and the learning and competency transitions needed for HR professionals and staff.

Dave Warnick
Vice President of Human Resources, Weir Services

Key Human Resource and Business Considerations in the World-wide Economy

Dave is the Vice President of Human Resources for Weir Services, a provider of engineering services for aftermarket rotating equipment and other large industrial process equipment. Weir is headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland with operations in all regions of the world. Prior to joining Weir, Dave was Vice President of Business Administrative Services for Aspen Business Services. He was also Vice President of Human Resources for several divisions of Flowserve Corporation. Dave has spent many years traveling and supporting business operations, acquisitions and new facilities around the world. He earned his B.S. from Utah State University in Human Resource Management and has completed his CCP and SPHR certifications. He is currently in the process of completing his MBA through Utah State University’s weekend program.

Presentation Summary: Many businesses continue to expand into new geographic regions as they compete in the global economy, but doing business in a new region can bring some additional challenges. Dave will discuss the human resource and other business issues of doing business throughout the world and share his experiences and solutions in meeting these challenges.

Ann Quigley
Director, Standards and Testing

Defending the Homeland: Assessing and Hiring for the Front Line

Ann Quigley is the Director of Standards and Testing in TSA’s Office of Human Resources. Her responsibilities include selection and training standard setting and testing throughout the agency as well as ensuring that all federal screeners are certified annually as proficient in screening KSAs. Ann’s work with TSA began when she was Director of Standards, Assessment and Certification at the National Skill Standards Board (NSSB), which was selected by TSA to provide oversight in the development and implementation of the screener selection process. Prior to NSSB, Ann spent seven years at US Postal Service headquarters where she was a senior psychologist responsible for selection test research and development and then for violence prevention and related organizational development efforts.

Presentation Summary: In response to the tragedy of 9/11/2001, legislation was passed that created the Transportation Security Administration as well as the Department of Homeland Security. There was also a statutory mandate for TSA to select, train, and arm flight crew members of commercial passenger and cargo aircraft. In response to this legislation, TSA assessed, selected and trained over 50,000 men and women to work as federal security screeners at our nation’s airports and evaluated and trained thousands of individuals to defend the flight decks of aircraft from acts of terrorism and air piracy. Ann will discuss how this work was accomplished through effective public and private partnerships as well as the role of technical experts in these efforts, which constitute the largest peace-time mobilization since WWII.

David Nutter
COO, The Work Itself and Ascent Global

The Work Itself: Aligning for Execution

David Nutter serves as COO for Ascent Global. As partner with Brent D. Peterson, PhD, he is actively engaged in delivering and facilitating The Work Itself and is currently working on specialized applications of the TWI experience. He has provided consulting services in Operations, Finance, Communications, and Human Resources domestically and internationally. With over twenty years experience in senior management, David has applied numerous aspects of the health care industry to improve performance and results in radically different industries including transportation, aerospace, defense, communications, and various manufacturing operations.

Presentation Summary: The Work Itself is a revolutionary approach to solving the biggest problem in organizations today – execution. Our research indicates there is often little relationship between an organization’s stated goals and the work that people actually do.

Imagine the change in your results if everyone in your organization worked on the handful of tasks that made the greatest difference to your key goals and strategies.

This brief presentation provides a view of the problem – in the simplest terms, people do not know how to drive organizational strategies. And it suggests how the approach – The Work Itself – can help solve the problem. We hope you will find this discussion provocative and helpful. And we hope it moves you to find new ways to focus everyone in your organization on how to make a difference.


International Personnel Management Association (IPMA)
Ric Higbee President IPMA-HR
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Marsh, Inc.
Bob Howard, Vice President, Sales Professional
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Career Wise
Burt Burrell
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Society for Human Resource Management, USU Student Chapter
Alan Warnick
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Society for Human Resource Management, Bridgerland Chapter
Pam Gunnell, President
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Kory Jenkins, Membership Chair
1695 North Research Parkway
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Northern Utah Human Resource Association (NUHRA)
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