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20th Annual Information Technology Seminar
February 25-26, 2004.


Keynote Speakers

Clain Anderson
Program Director, Security & Wireless, IBM Personal Computer Division
Security Rise and Solutions for Enterprise PCs

Clain has over 20 years experience with four major PC companies and has played a pivotal role in bringing new products and technologies to the marketplace. He previously held levels of responsibility at HP including WW Marketing Manager for the calculator business and managing the Palmtop Proven program while serving as a wireless evangelist for HP Palmtop and notebook PCs. Clain has spoken at over 60 wireless forums, trade shows, and expert panels. Over the past five years, he has worked on key differentiating technology for IBM PCs, including the launch of Image Ultra Services, market launch of Rapid Restore PC, market launch of the first mobile personal computers with the Embedded Security Subsystem, and launch of the world’s first notebook computer to combine fingerprint biometric capability with a built-in security chip. This session will examine various security vulnerabilities inherent to desktop and mobile PCs, and describe strategies and solutions available now to address these problems. Details will be explored on security topics including Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs), authentication challenges, emerging biometric solutions, file encryption options, client data backup strategies, and password management.

Dan E. Stickel
Executive Vice President and General Manager
Software Technologies Division, Macrovision Corporation

The New Business of Software: How the Shift to Digital is Changing All the Rules
Dan is responsible for driving Macrovision’s continued growth in the Electronic License Management and Electronic License Distribution businesses in the enterprise software market. Dan was previously President of Conomae Corporation, a wireless broadband venture; Executive Vice President at AltaVista; Co-founder of K2 Technologies, a Silicon Valley company specializing in data integration and analysis software; and Vice President and General Manager for 9 years at Delfin Systems, a high-tech manufacturer of both advanced hardware and software systems. Dan was also the personal recipient of the Ziff Davis Award for Desktop Accessory of the Year. In this address, Dan will discuss the impact of the digital transformation on business, drawing from real-world experience working with the world’s most well-known software companies.

Scott Berkun
Author and Consultant, UIWEB
Former Lead Program Manager, Microsoft
The Myths of Innovation: The Truth about How Progress Happens

Scott worked at Microsoft from 1994-2003 on Internet Explorer (v1 thru v5), Windows, and MSN. He held various positions including lead program manager, where he led teams of developers and testers in the design, engineering, and release of major software products. Scott also worked for 2 years in Microsoft’s Engineering Excellence Group, consulting and lecturing on software engineering and project management topics. His first book, The Art of Project Management, will be published by O’reilly in the Spring of 2005. In this short and entertaining talk, Scott will cover several of the most common myths about innovative ideas and creative thinking in the technology sector. Where do good ideas come from? How have most innovations in the history of technology come about? Scott will provide you with a better framework for thinking about how ideas for projects in your organization are conceived and managed.

Wyllstyne D. Hill
Vice President of Information Technology and CIO, Raytheon Missile Systems
Our Lean Journey and The Changing Role of 21st Century CIO

In this position, Wyllstyne leads a complex IT environment supporting more than 10,000 employees and several Missile Systems off-site locations. She is responsible for an IT strategy that enables the business needs of Missile Systems defense programs and support organizations by providing secure and robust technologies/solutions for customers. In Wyllstyne’s previous position as director of Information Technology at Missile Systems, she was responsible for providing vision and direction enabling the enterprise to achieve strategic technology and business objectives. Wyllstyne has more than 30 years experience in the defense industry, having held numerous management positions. Her skills and experience leading large scale programs and project management initiatives for IT technologies and techniques are critical to the success of Raytheon’s customers. Wyllstyne will discuss the changing culture behind leadership CIOs, and the new responsibilities required for leading and leaning out the organization. Her presentation will align business leaders on the components for managing value of IT.

David Berg
Senior Vice President and CIO, O.C. Tanner
Agility in Information Technology

David came to O.C. Tanner in 1999 with broad-based experience in high technology companies developing innovative business process improvements that utilize state-of-the-art technologies and architectures. As a CIO with over 20 years of experience, he has a proven record of pioneering and leading Fortune 500 companies like IBM, Unisys and Sun Microsystems. He has also worked with start-up organizations like MIPS, Cirrus Logic, and Exabyte designing and implementing computer systems and business architecture transitions that simplify and streamline business processes. David provides the leadership for O.C. Tanner’s system technology development. He will discuss the state-of-the-art in anticipating change and implementing processes - in technology, in governance and in spirit - that enables a fast response to evolving conditions and allows organizations to seize the day. O.C. Tanner was recently honored and selected as one of the CIO 100 companies that have demonstrated this state of the art agility. David will share what his technology organization and company did to receive this honor.

Sudha Ram
Eller Professor of MIS, Eller School of Management, University of Arizona
Enterprise Data Management: Advances and Challenges

Sudha is the director of the Advanced Database Research Group based at the University of Arizona. Her research deals with issues related to Enterprise Data Management and is funded by organizations such as IBM, Intel Corporation, Raytheon, US ARMY, NIST, NSF, NASA, and Office of Research and Development of the CIA. She serves as a consultant to several global companies on global E-Business strategy and technology infrastructure. Sudha’s presentation will focus on recent advances in the area of enterprise data management. Using several examples and case studies, she will describe the challenges being faced by today’s enterprises and describe the state-of-the-art in enterprise data management research.

Steve Wildstrom
Technology & You Columnist, BusinessWeek
Technologies That Will Disrupt Your Business

Steve created BusinessWeek’s Technology & You column in 1994. The goal of the column is to help readers understand and use personal technology to enhance their jobs and their lives. Steve served as senior news editor in BusinessWeek’s Washington bureau and edited the Washington Outlook column. He was also deeply involved in the computerization of editorial operations in the 1980s. Steve will discuss technologies beyond emergence; far enough to be having some real business impact, but still in their very early stages. The list of disruptive technologies includes voice over IP telephony, open source software, and the digital entertainment revolution.

Concurrent Speakers

Matt Asay
Director, Linux Business Office, Novell
The Next Decade of Software: Open Source and the Future of High-Tech Capitalism

Matt is Director and founding member of Novell’s Linux Business Office, where he is responsible for helping to chart and implement the company’s open source strategy. Prior to joining Novell, Asay was General Manager of Lineo’s Network & Communications division. (Lineo, an embedded Linux start-up, was acquired by Motorola in 2002.) This presentation covers a brief history of open source software, and details how it shifts the IT landscape. It also covers the new rules of intellectual property development and protection that open source improvises, discussing business models and strategies to leverage these changes.

John Pestana
Co-founder and Executive Vice President, Omniture
Leveraging Web Site Intelligence to Improve Online Initiatives

John is Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Customer Success for Omniture. As one of the pioneers in Web analytics, John has consulted on eBusiness, eCommerce strategy, and Website analytics since 1995. During this time, he has worked directly with some of the world's largest and most active Websites and has been a key component of Omniture's ability to drive ROI for a marquee list of customers such as eBay, Wal-Mart, AOL, and many others. Prior to co-founding Omniture in 1996, John founded and managed other successful high-tech companies including, a leading application service provider (ASP) of integrated Web site development and management tools; and JP Interactive, a profitable full-service eBusiness consulting and development firm.'s small business division was sold to VeriSign (NASDAQ: VRSN) and John expanded the enterprise division into what is today--Omniture. The goal of this session is to provide an introduction on how companies can better leverage their web sites in order to fully optimize marketing and sales initiatives-regardless of company size or industry focus. John will highlight real world examples to showcase how companies today are already reaping the benefits of web analytics throughout every aspect of their business.

Dan Woodward
Senior Manager, Storage and Regional Product Marketing, Symantec Corporation
Information Integrity: Keeping your business up, running, and growing, no matter what happens.

Dan has been in the technology industry since 1991 including working for a private company followed by eight years at Novell and four years at Symantec. During this time he has held various management positions with responsibility for North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Symantec is the global leader in information security providing a broad range of software, appliances, and services designed to help individuals, small and mid-sized businesses, and large enterprises secure and manage their IT infrastructure. Information is the engine of your business. You need to ensure that it is always secure and always available throughout your company. That's why a best-practice approach to information management is designed to simultaneously provide world-class security and world-class administration of your network resources. The result is called information integrity. In this session you will learn more about this revolutionary approach. You will also learn what a resilient infrastructure and regulatory compliance are and the importance of ensuring critical information systems are up, running, and growing . . . no matter what happens.

Ajit Nair
President and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Provia International
IT Outsourcing

Previously, Ajit was the founder and CEO of Aces International Inc., where he was the driving force behind the phenomenal success of Aces. Started as a small staff augmentation services company, Ajit quickly turned the focus in evolving Aces as a Premier Systems Integration company with deep expertise in ERP and CRM solutions. Prior to starting Aces, Ajit was Director of Marketing with a leading Engineering Consulting firm where he had done extensive work on establishing, negotiating, and managing strategic alliances with clients. Ajit will discuss information technology outsourcing trends including the advantages and disadvantages.

Weston W. Swenson
President and CEO, Forum Systems
XML Web Services & Data Level Networking -The Next Major Evolution of Information Technology

With almost two decades of experience in the IT Infrastructure and Network Security Sectors, Wes brings a wealth of experience to his leadership role at Forum Systems. Wes formerly served as the CFO of Phobos Corporation, a Utah based Technology Company that was acquired by SonicWall of Sunnyvale, California in December 2000. Prior to Phobos, Wes spent over 10 years at Novell Inc., serving in various operational capacities and ultimately as the CFO of World-Wide Sales and Marketing during his last 4 years with the company. Wes will explain this disruptive meta-language, and how it will change the face of information technology and networking for years to come. He will briefly explain why corporations are rapidly moving to XML, how they do it, and ultimately the benefits of such a strategy.

John Merriam
Senior Internet Project Manager, Moore Wallace BCS - A company of RR Donelley
Security Issues with Alternative Communication Channels

John is a Senior Project Manager of Internet Services for Moore Wallace BCS in Logan, Utah. He manages the development and integration of internet-based applications for Moore Wallace’s Fortune 500 clients. Using several examples and demos, John will address the security issues faced by these Fortune 500 clients using the Internet to deliver confidential customer communications as well as solutions to these issues.

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