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21st Annual

December 1-2, 2004

Keynote Speaker

Dan E. Stickel
Executive Vice President and General Manager, Software Technologies Division, Macrovision Corporation

The New Business of Software: How the Shift to Digital is Changing All the Rules

Mr. Stickel was recently promoted to Executive Vice President & General Manager of the Software Technologies Division ("STG") in May 2003 when the Company was reorganized into two primary business units focusing on entertainment and software. He joined Macrovision in August 2002 as Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Company's Enterprise Software Division, which is now part of the Software Technologies Group. Mr. Stickel is responsible for driving Macrovision's continued growth in the Electronic License Management ("ELM") and Electronic License Distribution ("ELD") businesses in the enterprise software market.

Mr. Stickel was previously president of Conomae Corporation, a wireless broadband venture, and before that, executive vice president and general manager at AltaVista, where he helped transform their search engine software into a leading product in the enterprise market, contributing to record $270M+ corporate revenues.

Prior to AltaVista, Mr. Stickel co-founded K2 Technologies, a Silicon Valley company specializing in data integration and analysis software, acquired by E.W. Blanch in 1998. Mr. Stickel stayed on as SVP Software Products for E.W. Blanch, launching several new e-commerce initiatives and helping E.W. Blanch reach almost $250M in annual revenues.
Before K2, Mr. Stickel spent 9 years at Delfin Systems, a high-tech manufacturer of both advanced hardware and software systems, where he served as vice president and general manager of the Decision Systems Division.

Mr. Stickel has 2 degrees from Harvard, including a Masters degree in computer science. He got his start at AT&T Bell Laboratories, and was the personal recipient of the Ziff Davis award for Desktop Accessory of the Year.
Past speaking experience:

• Software Business Conference Keynote 10/03
• SoftSummit Keynote 10/03
• Software Information Industry Association SIIA 5/03
• Creative Good eCustomer Experience 2000
• CommuicAsia
• The Economist Conference

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