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31th Annual Operational Excellence Seminar
September 21-22, 2005

Speakers / Co-sponsors

Keynote Speakers

James P. Womack, Ph.D.
President & Founder, Lean Enterprise Institute

Lean Solutions: How Companies & Consumers Can Create Value & Wealth Together

James is the founder and president of the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI), a nonprofit training, publishing, and research organization founded to advance Lean production and Lean thinking. He has authored many books and articles on the topic of Lean management, the most widely known of which are The Machine That Changed the World and Lean Thinking. James will discuss his latest research on streamlining the provision and consumption value streams.


Jerrold M. Solomon
Vice President of Operations–Hunt Valley, MarquipWardUnited

Why successful Lean implementations can punish the P & L

With over 20 years experience in middle market manufacturing companies, Jerry has directed several Lean transformations. As part of these Lean conversions, Jerry helped to redesign and simplify accounting procedures to facilitate the production floor improvement process. Jerry will speak on the difficulty Lean leaders face with traditional financial and accounting procedures. This presentation will explain why successful Lean implementations depress earnings and the steps Lean leaders must take, in advance, to address this critical issue.

Mark Jenkins
Director of Finance, North American Airbags, Autoliv

Kaizen the Kaizen Process!

Currently, Mark oversees ten Autoliv facilities across the Unites States, Canada, and Mexico. Mark will share his experiences in developing and improving the continuous improvement process (Kaizen System) at Autoliv. You will learn some of the key elements in setting up a successful Kaizen System. Mark will show examples of successful Kaizens that have resulted in over $20 million savings/cost avoidance in the last several years. Understanding lessons learned will help you avoid Kaizen process pitfalls and ensure an excellent payback on your Kaizen investment dollars.

Ross Bogue
Vice President & General Manger, Fabrication Division, Commercial Airplanes, The Boeing Company

Lean Journey at Boeing Commercial Airplane

Ross leads the largest consolidated operation in the world dedicated to engineering and manufacturing aerospace parts, tools, and assemblies. Ross will share Boeing’s Lean journey as they sought continuous quality and productivity improvement in the 1980’s and 1990’s. In the mid–1990’s, the journey focused on becoming a leaner operation as a way to improve both quality and productivity. Ross will show the benefits the commercial airplane team has gained by continuing on with the Lean journey while the company moves toward an integrated Lean Production System.

Kathryn Correia
Senior VP, ThedaCare Hospitals, ThedaCare, Inc.
Catherine Johnson
Manager, ThedaCare Improvement System, ThedaCare, Inc.

The ThedaCare Improvement System

For over twelve years Kathryn has been involved with implementing Lean in the Health Care Industry. She is responsible for the development of one of the most successful primary group practices in Wisconsin and is now chief executive for ThedaCare Hospitals. Catherine is a lead facilitator with the ThedaCare Improvement System, which entails creating a support structure to radically improve heath care processes through Lean implementation. They will summarize ThedaCare’s Lean journey over the last two years, including overall philosophy, process, and outcomes. Also, they will share lessons learned and give advice to those embarking on this journey.

Christopher B. Cool
Vice President–Sector Operational Excellence, Integrated Systems Sector, Northrop Grumman Corporation

Collaborating on Continuous Improvement with the Government through the Lean Aerospace Initiative (LAI)

Chris serves as Northrop Grumman’s representative on MIT’s LAI Executive Board and was named the Industry Co-chair for LAI in June 2004. In this discussion, Chris will talk about the many ways that Industry is working with LAI on using this unique consortium to transform both government and industry supply chains. Chris will also share some of LAI’s issues, lessons learned, and benefits, as well as the progress LAI anticipates from Phase 5 within the next five years.

Richard Bodensteiner
Vice President, Manufacturing Operations, Hearth & Home Technologies

Why Lean?

Rich has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, holding a variety of Engineering and Managerial positions. Rich has been involved in the Lean transformation within Hearth & Home Technologies over the last 10 years. Rich will discuss some of the underlying reasons for why a Lean approach is important to business today and how to build it into a company’s strategy and culture.

Brent Huffaker

RFID Awareness Workshop

Directly mentored by the originators of the Toyota Production System (TPS), Brent Huffaker has 8 years of experience implementing lean concepts and strategies. Brent began his lean career in 1998 at Stanley Mechanics Tools division (a fortune 500 company) as a Manufacturing Engineer modeling TPS and implementing lean concepts on the production floor which is know today as the Stanley Production System (SPS). He also spent the past four years as the Weir Business System Coordinator facilitating kaizen teams, hands-on lean implementation and training TPS / lean concepts know today as the Weir Business System (WBS) at Weir Specialty Pumps and Weir Rubber Engineering (divisions of Weir Pumps, the 2nd largest worldwide industrial pump manufacturer). Brent was also a certified WBS regional trainer for Weir’s twenty US and Canada companies training and coaching several leaders in the WBS. Now Brent is a lean advocate serving as a mentor to new lean leaders for all Utah companies. Brent holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology from BYU.


Concurrent Speakers

David Mann
Manager, Lean Management Organization Development, Steelcase Inc.

Sustaining Lean Conversions: Process Focus and a Lean Management System

David has been responsible for developing and supporting a Lean management system and related changes in leaders’ roles in Lean conversion at Steelcase. David will discuss the missing link between management and Lean conversions. With experience in over 30 Lean conversion projects, David will share essential elements necessary for management change. You will see specific, real-world illustrations of these elements and the principles behind them. David will teach you how they knit together to form a fabric that sustains Lean conversions and nurtures emergence of a Lean culture.


Rory Johnson
Process Improvement Lead, Composite Fabrication, Palmdale, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

LM 21 Lean in Aircraft Modification, Repair & Manufacturing

Rory carries the responsibility for implementing Lean strategies within Composite Fabrication for the F/A-22 & F-35 programs at Palmdale. Previously, he led the F117A Modification Program in obtaining the Shingo Prize. He has 26 years of experience in manufacturing, modifying, and repairing the U-2, F117A, L1011 and F/A-22 aircraft. Rory will discus the “LM 21” methodology he used to achieve Lean implementation within the Lockheed Martin’s Modification, Repair, and Fabrication programs.


Randy Cook
Executive in Residence, Business Administration & Shingo Prize, Utah State University, Former Senior Executive, AMI Semiconductor

Principles Based on Operational Excellence

Throughout Randy’s 17 years at AMIS, he focused on process simplification, eliminating waste, improving quality and throughput times, and developing people. In his presentation, Randy will show that elimination of waste and continuous improvement are vital to manufacturing excellence. However, there are still relatively few organizations able to show consistent long-term improvement in business results of the magnitude touted in “Lean” lore. Randy will discuss the importance of the principles of operational excellence in breaking the sound barrier of business improvement.

Dustin Ott
Owner, Bryce Canyon Inn & Pizza Place
Former Manufacturing Manager, O.C. Tanner Company

Getting to Continuous Flow for the Job Shops

Dustin spent four years as a manufacturing manager at O.C. Tanner where he was successful in introducing many of the principles associated with Lean, including single piece flow in a high variety environment. Dustin will discuss methods used by discrete part manufacturers and its suitability to the job shop and make-to-order operations. He will provide examples of how high-variety operations can apply the ideals of Lean and achieve, or even exceed, the traditional gains associated with a Lean conversion.

Peg Pennington
Director of Continuous Improvement, The Center for Excellence in Manufacturing Management, Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University

Value Stream Mapping

Peg manages the Lean Sigma Forum for CEMM, which is designed to promote Lean and Six Sigma principles for CEMM member companies. Peg will talk about the Value Stream Mapping method of visually mapping the flow of materials and information from the beginning of the process through to the customer. Peg will also discuss why Value Stream Mapping is a critical first step in the Lean journey to improve quality and cycle time, and eliminate waste in your process.

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