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Banking and Financial Services
John Knab, “Deal Flow in Utah”
Patrick J. Swanick,  "E-Commerce and the Internet”
Elizabeth Laderman, “The Influence of the California Economy on Utah”
Lori Chillingworth, “Marketing Your Banking Services for Women and Small Businesses”
Todd Berg, “Online Investing"
Andrew Biggs,“Social Security Privatization”
Pam Prinz Stewart, Accounting in the Next Millennium-IMA’s
David B. McGinn, The New  Internet Economy
Stephen J. Pickett, Enterprise Software – A New Horizon
Tracy Lee Burr, Corporate Income Tax Planning
Jeff Einfeldt, Fraud and Bankruptcy
Productivity and Operational Excellence
International Business
Michael F. Dugan, World Market Trends in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Europe
Lynne Pettit, Going Global-Pitfalls and Possibilities
Jeff Waters, The Business Potential of the Internet
Richard R. Gesteland, Patterns of Cross-Cultural Business Behavior
John Fowler, Economic Benefits and Opportunities from the 2002 Olympic Winter Games
Eric Ruff, The Things I Learned that I Never Expected Getting Into the Global Marketplace
Management Information Systems
Micheal “J” Stapley, Using your Employees to Focus the Organization on What is Most Important
Thomas C. Welch, Mobile Computing Solutions
Lynn D. Johnson, Communication Strategies to Improve Performance
Sid Madwed, The Myth of Stress
Philippa Gamse, E is for Everything??
Dan Peay, Integrated Business Solutions with a Digital Nervous System
Bradley D. Pelo, Enterprise Portals: Putting Knowledge Assets on the Line
J. Scott Lowry, PKI and Electronic Commerce
Eric Browning, Migrating a Brick and Mortar into a Click and Mortar
Charlie Bernstein, Leveraging the Internet for Communications
Darwin A. John, Where the Competitive Edge for the Information and Technology Leader will be for the Future
Christopher G. Bell, Secure E-Business
Dan Clark, When Your Horse Dies, Dismount
Greg Johnson, Paradigm Shifts: Empowered or Powerless?
Customer Service and Marketing
Bill Murphy, Internet Chapter Two
Christopher Leichty, Paving the Way for the World Traveler: Marketing Global Acceptance
Travis Rose, Competitive Strategies through Wal-Mart Distribution
Scott Knell, Changing Role of a Marketer in the Internet Society
Robert McMath, What WERE They Thinking?
Karen Marzo, The Magic of Customer Service: Tricks of the Trade.
Charles Daniel Litchford Jr.“Moments of Truth” – The First 15-Second Encounter!
Paul Derby, CRM the Strategic Approach with Short Case Studies
Paul Higham
Robin Thompson, Making Work Fun
G. Donald Gale, Success Begins with Communication
Human Resources
Patti Meglich-Sespico, Mergers and Acquisitions: Human Resources Challenges and Opportunities
Dr. Fenton L. Broadhead, Evaluating and Developing Human Capital: Your Most Valuable Resource
Dr. Joan Brannick, Finding and Keeping Great Employees
Barry J. Nadell, How to Avoid Hiring The Employee from Hell……Legally
James V. Cardall, Business Succession Planning
Lois Baar, Employment Law Update
Carol Marchasin, Harrassment and Discrimination Training: A Magic Bullet for Liability?
Travis Anderson, Language of Teams
Louise P. Young, What’s the Big Deal About Appearances?