Sal Arrigo Jr.
Golden Opportunities of CA

Sal Arrigo, Jr. founded Golden Opportunities of CA in 1993 and has been the Director of the Cordova Senior Center in Sacramento, CA since 1987.  Using his experience in the field of gerontology, Sal is a consultant to businesses wanting to successfully market their goods and services to the senior citizen consumer.  He is also the author of numerous articles on customer service to seniors and has co-authored and authored “Beyond Bingo: Innovative New Programs for Seniors” and “Beyond Bingo 2: More Innovative Programs for Seniors.”
Sal also is an adjunct instructor for the American River College (Sacramento, CA) Gerontology Department teaching “Exploring the World of Gerontology: Marketing Your Degree.”  He recently joined the staff at the University of California, Sacramento to instruct an upper division  “Leisure and Recreation Pursuits class.”
Sal has a B.S. from Marshall University and an M.S. from Florida State University.

Presentation Title
Senior Citizen Consumers – Your Long-Term Customers

Presentation Summary
 We hear in business the terms "time is money", “treat your customer as you want to be treated”, and   “put yourself in the shoes of your customer.”  All of these scenarios take on a special meaning when dealing with the senior citizen consumer. You are dealing with a savvy generation that most likely can teach you what exactly seniors want from a sales representative.