Scott Garner
Managing Director- NetVentures
United Airlines

Scott Garner is the managing director of NetVentures at United Airlines and is a board member of Orbitz, a new online travel company backed by United and several other airlines.   He has also held positions within Unitedís distribution planning, IT marketing, and finance organizations.
Prior to joining United, Scott worked for the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, DC and has an MBA from the Darden School at the University of Virginia and a BS in economics from Utah State University.  He is married and has 2 children and lives in the Chicago area.

Presentation Title
Enhancing the Customer Experience through Online Interaction

Presentation Summary
Online travel purchases in 2000 exceeded $12 billion, making it the single largest category of e-commerce today. Scott will explain how United Airlines has catered to its customers and discuss new ventures that have resulted from that initiative. He will also look at other ways United Airlines is leveraging its assets to create better customer experiences which ultimately result in new shareholder value.