Bill Wagner
ACCORD Management Systems

The War for Talent: Are You Prepared for Battle?

Presentation Summary
Winning at business today is rarely about technology or capital. Those factors are important, but if you don't have the right people, you have already lost the talent war. This presentation will help prepare you for battle by addressing the challenges top executives face in attracting, selecting and keeping awesome people. Participants will learn how to get the people side of their business right.

Bill Wagner is a behavioral expert and a sought after speaker, executive coach, and consultant (or "insultant") to the founders of many of America's fastest growing companies. As an Organizational therapist, he specializes in "PEOPLE." He knows what makes people tick and more importantly, what ticks them off.

He has a unique understanding of all levels of the management process and helps executives reaching new heights. He knows the people side of business and relates his knowledge to others in a quick, succinct manner with phenomenal take home value.

Bill uses a riveting storytelling style as he weaves humor, history and even statistics into his presentations. He promises one Ah ha! and one epiphany from every presentation. He represents The McQuaig Institute (a system of behavioral instruments and assessments) throughout the United States. He is a regular speaker to members of the Young Entrepreneurs' Organization (YEO), the Council of Growing Companies, the Executive Committee (TEC) and Entrepreneur Magazine.

His vision is to "Create Compromise where Chaos once lived." His goal is to help companies get the people side of their business right…the first time. After authoring numerous articles in trade and business journals his first book, "The Making of a Millionaire" will be published by Entrepreneur Media, Inc. and is due out in the fall of 2001.