Kaye Jorgensen
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
O. C. Tanner Company

Creating a Recognition Culture: Using Recognition to Retain and Motivate your Best People.

Presentation Summary
O. C. Tanner recognition expert Kaye Jorgensen uses best practices from Fortune 100 companies and her organization to explain how a culture of recognition can help retain your best people, build commitment and engage your workforce—all without spending a fortune. Kaye will illustrate how a strategic recognition program can create "Gold Medal Moments" that bond employees to your company. Learn how to build a recognition culture that results in long-term, tangible benefits for your Referrer.

Kaye Jorgensen has worked at the O.C. Tanner Co. for nearly 27 years. For over 15 years she has been Vice President of Human Resources and a member of the company's Executive Committee.  In l998, Kaye received an Accolade to Utah Women of Achievement, presented by Business & Professional Women's Utah Foundation. In 1999, she was named by Utah Business Magazine as one of "The 50 Most Powerful Women in Business."

Kaye graduated from Utah State University, and while in college, she met and married Bruce Jorgensen.  They have two children named Amy and Brooks, and are now the proud grandparents of three toddlers.

O. C. Tanner Co., founded in 1928, is the world's premier employee-recognition provider. The firm provides employee recognition solutions to the majority of the Fortune 100 and thousands of other companies in more than 170 countries.  O.C. Tanner is proud to be the manufacture of the Olympic Medals for the 2002 Winter Olympics.