Bruce Eric Brown

Chief Technology Officer & Vice President of R&D

iLumin Corporation

Closing Deals Online: How not to be left behind in eSignature Revolution

Dr. Bruce Eric Brown is the Chief Technical Officer of iLumin Corporation; a pre-IPO eBusiness enabler providing infrastructure technology for Accelerated Business Closure. Its powerful Digital Handshake System TM allows Enforceable Online Transactions to take place over the Internet. Dr. Brown received a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Utah in 1977 and then worked for five years at Lawrence Livermore National Labs. Dr. Brown later helped found a company to build software for the design of VLSI chips. In 1986, Dr. Brown joined WANG Computer where he managed a hardware/software group building a pen-based system. In 1989, Dr. Brown joined Oracle as director of the Multimedia Strategic Business Unit, leaving in 1994 to become Vice President of Research & Development at Folio Corporation, a Lexis-Nexis/Reed-Elsevier Company. Dr. Brown has co-chaired three conferences on Visualization for IEEE and has served as Vice Chair of ACM SIGGRAH. He holds several software patents and has published over 30 papers on various topics. He served for five years as a member of the Board of Directors of SGML Open, now Oasis-Open. Dr. Brown has been working with iLumin for the past three years.

Closing Deals Online: How not to be left behind in eSignature Revolution

Accelerated Business Closure TM has become the driving need in an Internet-driven Global Economy where continuous eCommerce innovation is creating competitive electronic markets and powerful new eBusiness relationships. Government agencies and enterprises are tasked to build highly effective digital infrastructures that make them faster, nimbler and more adept at serving key constituencies and realizing competitive advantage in the eBusiness Age. Deploying Web-based Accelerated Business Closure solutions – such as iLumin’s Digital Handshake System – dramatically reduces the time, pain and cost associated with originating and completing legally binding agreements, from originations, negotiation and review to finalization, signature and recording. Utilizing XML and PKI iLumin has developed a patented process for seamless, end-to-end paperless transactions online that are legally binding.