Evelyn Rodriguez
Chief Technology Officer
Purple Blocks Software
Surfing Change: The Next Generation in E-Business Systems

Evelyn Rodriguez is Chief Technology Officer at a start-up in formation, Purple Blocks Software.  She most recently led the technology direction for Littlefish Commerce, a B2B platform providing Fortune 100 e-business technology to small-to-medium businesses. Six of the 14 years Evelyn spent in the technology industry have focused on e-commerce.  Previous to Littlefish, she was a Technology Advocate at Open Market, an early Internet commerce software vendor, where she integrated Open Market's offerings with Intershop, Informix, OpenSite, iCat, Vignette and others.  Her experience with e-commerce vendors, analysts, and international customers (including Commerce Service Providers, the “original ASPs”, such as AT&T, France Telecom, Cable & Wireless, Deutsche Post, Lycos, Telia, Barclays Bank, Alltel, Verio) over the past six years makes her one of the leading experts in e-commerce.

Surfing Change: The Next Generation in E-Business Systems

Rather than trying to contain or manage change, e-business systems will flex and embrace new and evolving business needs, processes, and policies. Next-generation e-business systems are business driven. For example, imagine your domain experts defining and changing the business-driven conditions, constraints, processes, policies and sequence of flows themselves in a matter of hours rather than waiting for I.T. or engineering experts next software release cycle. In addition, e-business systems of tomorrow will allow for frictionless informational and transactional flows across the extended enterprise allowing enterprises to effectively collaborate with their current value chain, partners and customers as well as dynamically discover and collaborate with new partners and customers.