Paul D. Tinari


Pacific Institute for Advanced Study

Advanced Concepts in Innovation & Creativity for Professionals / Information Security

Geoffrey H. Moore Lecture Series

Dr. Paul Tinari is the founder and current director of the Pacific Institute for Advanced Study, North America’s first Virtual Research and Development Institute. He obtained his education in both French and English in Quebec schools before doing a B.Sc. in Engineering Physics at Queen’s University, Ontario. After completing a M.Sc. in Solar Engineering and a Masters in Education, he then moved across the Atlantic to do a Ph.D. in Environmental and Applied Fluid Mechanics at the von Karman Institute in Brussels, Belgium.

As a physicist, environmental engineer, educator, futurist and Internet specialist, Dr. Tinari is now working to solve some of the most pressing problems facing the planet. Thousands of executives from around the world have taken his courses in Innovation and Creative Thinking, Alternate Energy Technology, Information Security, E-Commerce and Voluntary Simplicity. Dr. Tinari was a finalist in the Canadian Astronaut selection competition in 1991 and has been recognized both nationally and internationally for his original engineering designs and creatively unorthodox solutions to scientific problems. He currently lives and works out of his home office in Vancouver, where he enjoys wilderness hiking in the temperate rain forest among BC’s Beautiful coastal mountains.

Advanced Concepts in Innovation & Creativity for Professionals / Information Security

  1. Creative thinking is a skill that can be learned. Many intelligent and well-educated individuals find themselves hampered by poor thinking skills. Since the capacity for creative thought will be a major determining factor success in the 21st century economy, it is vitally important for professionals to identify weaknesses in their thinking patterns and to become more effective thinkers.
  2. New information and Internet technologies are posing serious threats to personal privacy. It is important for professionals to be aware of present and emerging threats to personal and corporate information and to learn how to protect themselves from hackers, identity theft and information losses.