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[Daleen King]
Ross Robson
Director & Associate Dean

(435) 797-2286
Amy Sadler
Assistant Director

(435) 797- 3813
Daleen King
Administrative Assistant

(435) 797-2279

Mike Allen
Webmaster / Network Administrator

Brad Zobrist
Information Technology Seminar Coordinator
Lindsey Smith
Accountant / Accounting Seminar Coordinator

Lindsay R. Schiess
Human Resources 
Seminar Coordinator
Emily Farmer
Food and Facilities Coordinator
Melanie Comerio
Customer Service & Marketing Seminar Coordinator
Blake Carlile
Financial Services and Banking & International Business Seminar Coordinator
Malinda Nielsen
Publications Coordinator
 Cary Ruggles
Productivity & Operational Excellence Seminar Coordinator

Max Jenkins
Project Coordinator

Bing Zhao
International Intern

Partners in Business
College of Business
3520 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322 - 3520
Phone # (435) 797-2279
Toll Free 1-800-472-9965
FAX:  (435) 797-3440