[Aaron Holyoak]
Aaron Holyoak
Information Technology
Seminar Coordinator
Aaron is currently a junior at Utah State University pursuing his degree in Business Information Systems with a minor in Political Science.  He obtained his associate of arts and science degree in General Business from Ricks College in December of 1998. 

Aaron was a participant at Utah Business Week in the summer of 1994.  Utah Business week recognizes top business students in the state of Utah by awarding them a sponsored week of business training seminars on the campus of Utah State University.  In 1995, he was honored as a runner-up for the Sterling Scholar of Southeastern Utah in Business and Marketing Education. 

Aaron is fluent in Spanish, a team player, and a motivator of excellence.  He earned his Eagle Scout award at the age of 13.  He is a natural leader, learns quickly, and it is not uncommon to catch him singing or smiling. 

Native of Moab, Utah, Aaron enjoys mountain biking, hiking, camping, climbing, and interacting with people from around the world. 

Aaron is in his second year working with Partners in Business as the Information Technology seminar coordinator and audio-visual coordinator.