Mike Allen
Webmaster / Network Administrator

Mike Allen was born in Provo and later moved to Logan, Utah. He graduated from Logan High School, and then served a two year church service mission to Kentucky. Mike is the youngest member of his family. He has one brother and two sisters.

Mike has recieved an Associate Degree in Office Systems Support and is a junior majoring in Business Information Systems, with an emphasis in E-commerce. He has been involved with several clubs and organizations while attending Utah State University. He is currently serving on the Alumni Relations board for the Business Council and also is the webmaster for the USU chapter for Association of Computer Machinery (ACM), Partners in Business and the Shingo Prize. After graduation, Mike plans to work in the Business Information Systems field as a webmaster and network administrator.

Mike enjoys sports, especially football, basketball, golf and snow skiing. He also likes to listen to music, read books and play on the computer.