Taras Siniagovsky
International Business Seminar Coordinator & Sales Rep

Taras was born in Kerch, USSR in 1973. The youngest of two children, he was raised by great parents who taught him to enjoy life and always serve others. Since he was young, Taras developed leadership skills and the ability to influence people around him. In high school he served as a student body president and captain of the soccer team.
After graduating from high school Taras started his own small business that lasted until he left for school in the United States.

Taras is majoring in marketing and plans to graduate in December 2001. During his time in the U.S. he has an opportunity to experience many aspects of American life. Taras has served a mission for his church in Alaska, worked as a leasing agent for an apartment community in Las Vegas, and did extensive marketing research in southern California for a company located in Salt Lake City. He also has worked for different organizations on campus during his studies. After Taras graduates he plans to use the knowledge and experience that he gains in the U.S. to help Russian businesses to enter the world market.

Taras is very active in many sports and outdoor activities. He particularly enjoys soccer, camping, martial arts, snowboarding, and sailing. At the same time, Taras loves books and computers. He also is a professional chef.