Delphi Rimir, Matamoros, Mexico
  • Six million man hours without a lost work day case
  • 1.8 million man hours without a recordable accident
  • 1998 GM President’s Council Honors for safety performance
  • Zero discharge to municipal waste water system since February 1998 and water recycled back into the plant, reducing usage 65%
  • RPPM under the world class benchmark of 25 parts per million
  • Assembly scrap below 0.5%
  • Assembly rework below 0.5%
  • QS-9000 certification since 1996
  • First time quality of 99% in assembly
  • Since the startup of airbag (1995), 100% on time delivery
  • 10 years meeting 100% on time delivery for service parts
  • Premium freight expenses for 1997 were reduced 98% over the 1995 level
  • Favorable performance to 1997 budget in both material and structural cost for the past 4 years
  • For the four past years, the operating profit exceeded budget levels
The Delphi Rimir operation is a plant of Delphi Automotive Systems, the world’s largest and most diverse automotive supplier of components, modules, and integrated system. Delphi Rimir is dedicated to continually exceed customer expectations. Delphi Rimir, located in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, México, produces passenger/driver side airbags and covers.

Manufacturing processes include: cutting (laser and reciprocating); sewing (manual and automatic); precision folding; assembly; injection molding and painting.

In 1980, Delphi Rimir manufactured urethane automobile fascias using the reaction injection molding process. While GM was the main customer, front and rear fascias were also manufactured for the Toyota Corolla. In March 1995, Delphi Rimir was assigned the air bag product line. In 1996, airbag production began and fascia production ceased.