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Amalga, with a population of 445, is home to the Cache Valley Cheese plant. This town has several recreational facilities and its celebrations provide entertainment for the entire family. Cache Valley Cheese employs 180 people and is the world's largest swiss cheese factory.  Clarkston is a farming area growing primarily alfalfa and grain. Its population is 696 and its elevation is 4,450 ft. Clarkston has a neighborly atmosphere and country setting. The "Martin Harris" pageant is hosted here every August
Set in the northwestern end of Cache Valley, Cornish is a small farming community located just outside of Lewiston. It is approximately 25 miles from Logan. The population is approximately 223. Cornish is a farming community that offers a true "get-away" from city life.  Hyde Park is a friendly community, situated close to Logan and the USU campus. It has recreational facilities, such as parks and picnic areas. This beautiful bedroom community of Logan has grown to a population of 2,848. 
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Hyrum is situated next to the Hyrum Reservoir, a great place to camp and have water fun. The nearby Blacksmith Fork Canyon offers a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities. Hyrum is located in the southern most part of the valley. Its population is 5,532.  A beautiful rural community, Lewiston is located 15 miles north of Logan. Lewiston has a population of 1,632 and an elevation of 4,505 ft. Two parks provide recreational activities. Presto Products, a manufacturer, is centrally located and provides many jobs. 
Logan is the Cache County Seat, and a growing metropolis with a population of 42,023. It is rich with theatre and culture, education, community parks, year round recreation and family entertainment. With all the stores, shops, and services available, the valley is self contained. 
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Mendon is nestled against the Wellsville Mountain range. It offers hiking, mountain biking, horse back riding and bird watching. The Little Bear River, which offers boating, fishing, and hunting is accessible from Mendon. 
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North Logan is close to Logan's resources, yet remains a beautiful family community. It is a growing retail center with several parks, recreational areas, and many community activities. 
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Providence was Cache Valley's second settlement. It has a population of 4,378. Only two miles south of Logan, Providence is a beautiful community and home of the Providence Inn/Old Rock Church Bed and Breakfast.
Richmond has a population of over 2,000, yet remains a friendly and close knit community. Richmond provides many services, recreational fun and entertainment for all. Its largest employer is Pepperidge Farms, a well known supplier of bakery goods. Richmond is approximately 12 miles north of Logan and is one of Cache Valley's more prominent outlying communities.  River Heights is known for having one of the states best culinary systems. Its population is approximately 1,500. Nestled against the Wasatch National Forest it has some of the best views of the valley. 
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A thriving Cache Valley community, Smithfield, is located only minutes north of Logan. Smithfield's population is approximately 7,000. The town has many stores, shops, and good recreational facilities. Smithfield Canyon, moments away, provides a nice outdoor recreation venue. 
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An agricultural town approximately 15 miles northwest of Logan, Newton has a population of 680. Its main attractions are Newton Dam and Cutler Reservoir. Water recreational activities and good fishing attract many to this area. 
About three miles south Logan, Nibley has a population of 1,655. It has experienced one of the largest growth rates in the valley.  more info Located approximately three miles south ofLogan, Millville is a thriving community that provides a nice family environment. 
Trenton is another outlying farming community. It is located about 12 miles north Logan and provides beautiful scenery and a country atmosphere. The population is 489. Wellsville is located at the base of the Wellsville Mountains and has a population of 2,712. A foot trail is available which leads to the base of the ridge - providing for a breathtaking view of three states. The Jensen Living Historical Farm is located in Wellsville.

City information was adapted from briderland.com.

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