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International Business

Ormonde R. Cragun
Global Human Resource Manager
Textron Global Services

Sending Employees Abroad

Mr. Cragun joined Textron in 1999 tasked with implementing international human resources shared services. His team now supports operations in 33 countries. Prior to accepting the position at Textron, he worked as a project manager for the Erasmus Human Resource Seminar in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, Mr. Cragun taught courses in human resource management and international teams. He has also been an independent consultant.

He started his career with USU’s Management Institute. He has a bachelor’s degree in human resource management from USU, and a master’s degree in organizational behavior from BYU.

Mr. Cragun will discuss the correct way to send employees abroad. He will help you develop a set of tools that create a compelling case for changes to your international travel, short term assignment and long term assignment policies. You will learn how to avoid making classic mistakes. He will also discuss Textron’s experiences, industry best practices, and a benchmark study of the policies and practices used by companies who participate in the Partners in Business program.






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