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Information Technology

Dr. James Frost
Deputy Director
National Information Assurance Training and Education Center

Dr. Frost has 15 years experience as an IT professional and as a professor in the Computer Information Systems Department at Idaho State University. As the manager of the Simplot Decision Support Center, Dr. Frost has worked with many federal security agencies such as the FBI, the NSA, the Air Force, and the U.S. Postal Service. The National Information Assurance Training and Education Center’s goal is to increase the quality and availability of Information Assurance knowledge and training to government, business, and educational institutions.

His presentation will focus on the urgency of protecting the Critical Information Infrastructure (CII). He will discuss effective countermeasures generally accepted by information assurance professionals, the elements of a national plan designed to protect the CII, and how industry and academia can cooperate to make the United States more secure.


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