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Information Technology

  Kelley Goggins
Director of Risk Management
Fidelity Investments

9 Weeks in New Jersey, a WTC Case Study

Ms. Goggins joined Fidelity in 1976, and has more than 20 years experience in disaster recovery and business contingency planning both from a data center and a business perspective. Through the years Ms. Goggins has supported a number of business recoveries both large and small. She currently directs the disaster recovery/business continuity efforts of Fidelity’s Institutional business operations. In this capacity, she has direct responsibility for planning and testing the recovery program for approximately thirty-three percent of the company’s business operations. Previously, Ms. Goggins served as Fidelity’s Director of Corporate Contingency Planning. In that position, she was responsible for the overall corporate program, and managing the Corporate Alternate Sites.

This year Fidelity’s priorities include insuring that the lessons learned from 9/11 are correctly incorporated into their business recovery plans. Ms. Goggins learned those lessons first hand, since she spent 9 weeks in New Jersey supporting the effort to recover information lost during the terrorist attack.

She is an MBCP (Master Business Continuity Planner) and a member of the certification board for Disaster Recovery Institute International.

Ms. Goggins will discuss Fidelity’s disaster recovery plan prior to 9/11, and how it worked when it was put to the test.





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