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Information Technology

Doug Greene
Chief Technology Officer & Vice President of Marketing

Mr. Greene created the technology backbone that supports and connects each of Overstock.com’s multi-million dollar businesses. He assembled one of the IT industry’s leanest and most cost-effective teams, and built the proprietary software that tracks the return on revenue that successfully integrates the technology and marketing departments. His tracking tools provide invaluable information for planning promotions, negotiating advertising deals, identifying potential growth opportunities, and building support technology. Prior to joining Overstock.com, Mr. Greene co-founded IDEA Corporation, served as manager of Internet Development for Magellan Behavioral Health Services, was president of Great Lakes Software, and was with Lincoln National Insurance.

The presenters will discuss why they decided to integrate Overstock's IT and marketing departments. Dr. Byrne will address management’s decision to unite these two departments at the critical time when the company was going public, and how the decision has promoted growth and narrowed losses. Mr. Greene will focus on the pros and cons of managing the integrated department, his strategy for building the technology that linked them together, and the impact this technology has had on the company’s growth.


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