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Information Technology

Mark Hurst
Creative Good, Inc.

Bits and Users: How the Online Customer Experience Shapes Business

Mr. Hurst is widely credited for popularizing the term "customer experience" and the methodology surrounding it. Since the birth of the Web, he has worked to make internet technology easier and more relevant for its "typical" users. Before founding Creative Good, Mr. Hurst was director of product development at Yoyodyne, an early Internet marketing firm that was purchased by Yahoo. He began his career as a graduate researcher at the MIT Media Lab. He was named "Netrepreneur of the Year" by InfoWorld magazine in 1999, and "one of the 1,000 most creative individuals in the U.S in 2002.

Mr. Hurst will discuss how the user experience helps drive the success or failure of any online initiative. He will focus on why any business that uses the Internet must listen to its customers, and draw from past evaluations, and a wide variety of consulting projects to highlight the importance of customers’ online experiences.





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