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Itinerary Submission

Complete the form below and submit to Partners in Business.
Questions can be answered by calling Lindsay Schiess at (435) 797-2279 or toll-free
(800) 472-9965.
*This form is not for seminar registration.

Please Complete The Following:
Company Name:
Please submit your name and your company's name exactly as you want them to appear in the brochure and seminar daybook.
City: State: ZIP:
Presentation Topic:
I will be speaking at the following seminar:

Most speakers arriving by air choose to have a student host provide ground transportation free of charge. The
drive from Salt Lake City to Logan takes approximately 90 minutes.

Arrival Date  (MM/DD/YY) 
Arrival Time  am  pm on Flight # 
Travel from Salt Lake City to Logan: (please check one)
Student host   Provide own transportation
Arrival Date in Logan  (MM/DD/YY)
Arrival Time in Logan  am  pm
Departure Date  (MM/DD/YY)
Departure Time  am  pm on Flight # 
Partners in Business will provide complimentary accommodations at the University Inn located
on campus. We will make the arrangements after we receive this form. The phone number for
the University Inn is 1-800-231-5634.
Yes, I would like to stay at the University Inn
Arrival Date  (MM/DD/YY) 
Arrival Time  am  pm
No, I will make my own arrangements.
Partners in Business will provide dinner at a local restaurant during the seminar. This is a great
opportunity for speakers to meet the other presenters and the Partners in Business staff.
Yes, I will be attending the following dinners:
Tuesday, Dinner Date at 6:30 p.m.
Wednesday, Dinner Date at 6:30 p.m.
No, I will not be attending any of the dinners.
Class Visits
If time and schedules permit, presenters may visit business classes or student groups.
Yes, I am interested in visiting classes on campus
No, I am not interested.
Audio-Visual (A/V) Equipment Needs
A screen, podium, and corded microphone will be automatically provided.
Please check any additional items you will need.
35mm Slide Projector with Remote Control
Transparency Projector
Wireless Microphone
Flip Chart
TV with VCR (VCR holds ½ inch tape)
Laptop Computer
Providing my own Model 
Please provide one for me with the following software installed: 
Release for Tape Recording and Duplication
Partners in Business makes recordings of presentations available to seminar attendees. If you
do not wish to have your presentation recorded, please indicate.
Yes, I give my consent to have my presentation made available for purchase.
No, I do not want my presentationmade available for purchase.
Speaker Information Release
Partners in Business normally keeps speaker contact information confidential. If you prefer, we
will make your contact information available to seminar attendees.
Yes, please include the following in the seminar daybook.
Address & Phone
Fax & E-mail
No, I would like my contact information to remain confidential.
If you have any questions or concerns, we would love to hear from you.

Partners in Business 
College of Business 
Utah State University 
3520 Old Main Hill 
Logan, UT 84322-3520 
Phone: (800) 472-9965 
FAX: (435) 797-3440 

Seminar Speaker Deadlines
In order for production deadlines to be met, we need your picture, biography and presentation title in our office four mounths prior to the seminar date. We need your completed presentation in our office one month prior the seminar date.



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